ABOVE : The quite uncommon non-Cragstan version of Mr. Robot by Yonezawa appeared in Penney's first-ever nationally distributed Christmas catalog in 1964. Pricing at $2.99 was significantly lower than any other retailer's prices for the Cragstan version of Mr. Robot during the 1963 or 1964 Christmas seasons. The non-Cragstan variation may have been created as an option for retailers who preferred offering a lower price over having a brand name version of the toy. The Pennys Christmas 1964 catalog may be the only known appearance of the toy in print.

ABOVE LEFT: Marx Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, new for 1964, were the brainchild of famed toy designer Marvin Glass, the creative mind behind Ideal's Robot Commando released in 1961. Promotional efforts which included television commercials insured demand for the Blue Bomber and Red Rocker would remain high well into the 1970s. ABOVE RIGHT: Cover of the Christmas 1964 Catalog highlighted Penneys broad selection of holiday clothing for girls and boys of all ages.

ABOVE: Founder James Cash ("J. C.") Penney shown here in 1961, at age 85, out touring his stores, greeting and assisting customers. BELOW: Opening in 1965, the Penneys store in the Lima Mall featured the Penneys logo used from 1963 through 1971. This postcard captures an exterior entrance of the store located in Lima, Ohio, sometime during the summer of 1967, about a year and a half after grand opening.