Above, Left: Slightly reptilian in appearance, the Remote Control 13 inch Giant Robot priced at $7.99 was would also appear in the 1971 Wish Book at a lower price. Above Right: Tomy Magic Dial Space Dog, Space Saucer, and Space Dog featured lighted red dials that sent the toy off in 5 different paths. Space Robot, also packaged as Space Robo, also appeared in The Christmas Place Penneys 1970 catalog.
From Top Left, Counterclockwise: The cover of Sears Wish Book for the Christmas Season 1970. Above, Right: Naughty Robot from Bandai "Walks and Twists like a Proud Dancer." Sears version of Naughty Robot had exclusive an Sears box which incorporated Sear's "The Big Toy Box" logo. The name Naughty Robot appears in the catalog but Sears exclusive packaging renamed the toy Mystery Action Robot on the box. Like many of Sears 1970 Robots, Naughty Robot would appear again for 1971 at a lower price.  •  Above, Lower Left: A full color page of the 1970 Wish Book was devoted to colorful Fondue Sets and the "Swiss art of dunking" that promised fun for everyone.
Above: Red and Blue Karate Robots, priced at $5.99 each, or in sets of two for $10.98, were manufactured by Tomy in Japan with Sears-specific packaging. Powered by 2 "C" cell batteries, Karate Robots could somersault or fight each other. Karate Robots were return to the Sears Wish Book for 1971 with lower prices and be joined by a Junior Edition as well.