ABOVE, LEFT: Happy Harry was so new when this photo was taken for Spiegel's 1969 Christmas Catalog that the chestplate is missing. Happy Harry continued laughing through the pages of Spiegel Christmas catalogs for four consecutive years starting in 1969. Spiegel's price would remain constant at $9.77 each year. Description notes that Harry "Runs on 2 'D' batteries and one 'C' battery. Early production examples of Harry have two battery boxes, one in the base, a second in the center of the back just above the speaker opening. ABOVE UPPER RIGHT: Straco Box for Harry depicts the robot with green eyes. Clever use of capital letters makes the the "HA HA" in HAppy HArry stand out. ABOVE LOWER RIGHT: Happy Harry's contagious smile.

ABOVE CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Base of Happy Harry shows bump and go mystery action wheel and battery box cover for two "D" cell batteries. TOP RIGHT: Back of a two-battery Happy Harry Robot shows a sealed panel above the speaker grill. Very early production examples of Harry included a second battery box door in this location (as referenced above in the 1969 Spiegel Catalog), a feature most likely discarded relatively early in production as all wholesale catalog appearances of Harry from 1969-1972 reference a two battery setup. ABOVE: The Laughing Robot is a variation in box only, robots are identical to those packaged in Hysterical Harry boxes. Directions on this The Laughing Robot box make note of "TWO 'D' CELL BATTERIES" to be inserted into the bottom.

ABOVE CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Happy Harry as shown in the 1972 Spiegel Catalog. Spiegel has offered Harry for four years consecutively since introducing the toy in the 1969 catalog. Although this was the first year Harry was shown in black and white instead of full color, an interesting eye-catching multi-exposure photo treatment was employed. Note description now references that the toy runs on two, not three, batteries. TOP RIGHT: Cover of the 1972 Spiegel Christmas catalog. RIGHT CENTER: Remember when Eveready Batteries cost .25 each and were guaranteed not to leak in your flashlight? RIGHT CENTER: Chuckling Charlie Clown by Straco shares much in common with Harry and was also offered from 1969 through 1972. RIGHT BOTTOM: Close up of Harry with face doors closed and teeth hidden.