From Top Left, Counterclockwise: Cover of the Sears Wishbook for the 1971 Christmas Season. Top Right: The selection robots for Sears 1971 Wishbook were mostly prior year holdovers with discounted "Don't Miss This" tags to draw attention. Giant Robot looked vaguely reptilian and walked with flashing eyes. The grossly underscaled hand holding the remote control in the picture portrays the robot to be substantially larger than his actual size of just thirteen inches tall. Above: Tomy Karate Robots were priced at $4.99 for the deluxe version powered by two "C" cells. The robots, manufactured in Japan in Sears-specific packaging, were discounted 1970 carryovers cleverly offered in specially priced sets so robots could "fight" each other.
Above, Top Right: Tomy Junior Karate Robots were new for 1971 and priced at $2.99 for the Junior version operating on a single "C" cell battery. Like the Deluxe Larger version, Junior Karate Robots were cleverly also offered in specially priced sets. Top Right and Above: Another 1970 Wish Book underachiever, Naughty Robot from Bandai was discounted $1.00 off the original price and relegated to a small bottom corner of a black and white $1.99 stocking stuffer page. Lower Left: Like the Tomy Karate Robots, Sears version of Naughty Robot had exclusive an Sears box which incorporated Sear's "The Big Toy Box" logo. The name Naughty Robot appears in the catalog but Sears renamed the toy Mystery Action Robot on the box.