TOP LEFT: The Spiegel Christmas Book for 1963 was one of the few major catalogs to showcase Yonezawa's new gold variant of Mr. Mercury in full color. TOP RIGHT: Although appearing in black and white, the gold version of Mr. Mercury was given a lavish amount of space in Sears Toy Catalog 1964. Description inaccurately described the robot as having the lighted chest feature of the original Mr. Mercury variant which Sears had carried in 1961 and 1962 Christmas Catalogs and the 1963 specialty Toy Catalog. Copy stresses proper operation of the toy by pressing only one button at a time, good advice for children then as well as for collectors today as pressing multiple buttons before an operation has fully completed will quickly make a working Mr. Mercury a non-working example. BELOW LEFT: Spiegel Christmas Book 1963 featured glamous holiday style on the cover and impressive roster of robots on the inside including Mr. Mercury, Mr. Robot, and Ideal's Robot Commando. BELOW RIGHT: Cover of the Sears Christmas 1964 Catalog again features the gold Mr. Mercury (see illustration of the robot in the next section below).

BELOW LEFT: Unlike in the specialty Toy Catalog from earlier in the year, relatively little space was devoted to Mr. Mercury in the 1964 Sears Christmas book but he would return for a grander full-color appearance in the 1965 catalog (not shown). Earlier incorrect references to the lighted chest appearing in the 1964 Toy Book were not repeated in the 1964 Christmas catalog BELOW RIGHT: Although the only robot to appear in the 1965 Gifts Booklet, Western Auto offered gold Mr. Mercury for a whopping two dollars less than Sears. Odd set reference under the price was likely a typo. Retouched photo amusingly exaggerates the shape of Mr. Mercury's pointed ears. Note: Although both images below are black and white we know the gold robot is being depicted due to the distinctive chest litho which was exclusive to the gold variation.