TOP LEFT: Despite the lack of color, the distinctive chest litho with its predominantly featured vacuum tubes as illustrated in the 1963 Wards catalog unmistakably identifies this as the "second" version of Mr. Mercury. Another cue is the "Mr. Mercury" nameplate on the chest of the robot employs a more typeface that only appears on the gray body/blue metal arms variation. A more angular font would adorn the nameplate of the gold robots. TOP RIGHT: The festive cover of Montgomery Ward Merry Christmas 1963 catalog extends a "Welcome to the House of Christmas." Making his debut in the 1962 catalog, Wards mascot "Goody" the Christmas elf was back for 1963 with an appearance on the cover and countless appearances next to key items throughout the catalog. ABOVE LEFT: "Thrill-Packed" was the theme for Wards page of Robots and mechanical toys in 1963. "Whirring Whiz" Mr. Mercury was featured along with Marx Big Loo and Ideal's Robot Commando and Mr. Machine. Note the incorrect reference to lighted head which was not a feature of this version of the robot. ABOVE RIGHT: Close up of Mr. Mercury chest panel from the illustration shown at top left.

ABOVE LEFT: While Wards featured the unique gray body with blue metal arms variant, Spiegel was one of the first retailers to present the new gold version in 1963. ABOVE RIGHT: Spiegel Christmas Book 1963 cover depicts glamorous holiday style as it reminds shoppers about the advantages of "Budget Power." BELOW LEFT: With the original version of Mr. Mercury still available through September 3 in the 1963 Sears Toy Catalog, any of the three different variations of Mr. Mercury could have been purchased during calendar year 1963.