ABOVE : FAO Schwarz presented the Taiyo Wheel-A-Gear in both the 1967 and 1968 catalogs. Artwork, copy, and price was the same both years.

ABOVE : Gamble Aldens also debuted the Wheel-A-Gear Robot for 1967 but his return in 1968 was as an on-sale piece, reduced to $4.97. In contrast to FAO Schwarz, Alden's attempted to diminish the size of the robot by giving his measurement with the antenna retracted. Throughout the 1960s Alden's offered a broader selection of robots than any other catalog retailer and 1968 was no exception. In addition to Wheel-A-Gear, Remco's Rudy the Robot, Nomura's Robotank Z, and Marx's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots were also featured. The Attacking Martian and Remco Lost in Space Robots had become Aldens staple items and both making their third consecutive appearance in the 1968 catalog.

ABOVE: Even though Mattel's Dancerina doll was featured on the cover, Gamble Aldens presented an impressive selection of "Robust Robots" in the Christmas 1969 catalog. Included among them were the Tin Man and Lost in Space Robots from Remco, the Zeroids from Ideal, Robbie Robot by Eldon, the Attacking Martian, back for his third appearance in as many years, and Taiyo's Blink-A-Gear Robot. Priced at $5.96, Blink-A-Gear was renamed the Future Robot. The inclusion of Wheel-A-Gear is somewhat of a surprise as leftover Blink-A-Gears from 1967 were sold at a discounted price in the 1968 catalog. BELOW: A brief history of Taiyo.